Xamarin.Forms: Half the Cost; Double the Speed

A Smart Platform for a Challenging Era

Most mobile device owners are passionate about their phones. They’re either a high-tech Android type or an aesthetic iPhone type. And they agree about very little when it comes to their metallic soul-mates. The companies are likewise conflicted: Java considers itself to be the ubiquitous, open-source programming language for the new age. Apple leads with breath-taking — albeit dogmatic — design.

For the past decade, the only way to develop an app for these two diverse platforms has been according to each company’s complex and specialized language(s). It takes thousands of hours to master either of them. Few programmers can claim that they know both at any depth. This translates to high costs for app development. And considering that most apps are free, many companies are not able to afford an app for each major phone. Until now.

Xamarin.Forms cures this dilemma. It is written in C#, Microsoft’s high-level programming language based on classes and interfaces, so it encourages good programming practices. Though the platform has taken some time to mature, it is now 100% reliable in creating mobile apps — in the right hands. Marcus Technical Services is Xamarin certified. We specialize in Xamarin.Forms. Our clients are delighted to discover that they can develop an app in half the time — and costing half the money – with 90% shared code. We also design the code base with long-term efficiency in mind using Dot Net Standard libraries that are passed on to future apps. The savings are hyperbolic over time. Your next app will be much less costly than the first one.


First Year
Development Hours

Successive Year Maintenance Hours






250 – 500



250 – 500


2,000 Hours

500 – 1,000 Hours







iOS & Android
are output simultaneously




1,000 Hours

250 – 500 Hours




Keep Your App Branding Consistent Across Platforms

Another great feature of Xamarin.Forms is that we are now able to make an app look and feel identical between iPhone and Android. We do this through custom controls, a specialty that few programmers can comprehend. Our advanced tabbed interfaces eliminate the need for most menus and primitive navigation. We can create an app for you that transcends the mundane and excites your users.

Beware Glib Advice From So-Called Experts

Beware any programmer telling you that you have to develop either using native languages, or Xamarin’s own separate ‘IOS’ and ‘Droid’ sub-platforms. The work being done is virtually the same, but has to be designed, coded and managed separately. I have never me any client who has followed this path successfully. Every one of these companies has bemoaned the extreme cost and time involved in developing apps. Xamarin.Forms neutralizes this dilemma by generating code for both platforms simultaneously.

Also, watch out for any architect who recommends a “platform” approach to app development such as MVVM Cross. See our technical article, “The MVVM Anti-Pattern” for further explanation. Xamarin.Forms is an actual platform, and with customization by experts such as Marcus Technical Services, it is all you need for your app. Xamarin is owned by Microsoft, so is guaranteed to be reliable over time. You should never rely on a large public library (one that exceeds 10k lines) because the owners tend to disappear or change their direction without notice.


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