This New Design is Raising Quite a “Flapp”

Introducing the Flowable App (“FLAPP”)

Mobile app users are a picky bunch. They generally hate the apps they use. They uninstall them, down-rate them publicly, and whine on forums about the current state of UI development. It’s hard to blame them. The developers behind Xamarin got most of their ideas from the web: the user sees a page, they tap a nav bar, the page flashes (watch out, epileptics), and then a new page appears. The user is constantly lost, just like on the web. The app is formal, boring, and uninviting.

Marcus Technical Services has spent years developing exciting new UI concepts for modern users. This has now matured into a complete development environment called the Flowable App, or FLAPP. It provides a modern user experience based on animation (“flow”) rather than static screen relationships. Features include:

  • Rather than pages, we create stages. These are workflows where any number of views animate onto and off of the screen based on the requirements. There are no shocking screen shifts; only smooth, beautiful animations.
  • All tappable UI elements such as buttons “bounce” when touched, and issue a slight click or vibration. These settings can be changed depending on your taste.
  • All screen elements arrive via animation, including headers and footers.
  • Our apps are always 100% compatible with all screen sizes and all devices, including tablets, and for all orientations. They are also adaptable to new concepts such as multi-view, where more than one app is visible at a given time.

The Flowable App is written in C# and Xamarin.Forms, so the code is 95% shared between iOS and Android.


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