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Design should never say, ‘Look at us.’ It should always say, ‘Look at this’.

David Craib

Made a Mess?

Don't worry! The hard part is getting over the embarrassment. We're like your parents -- we've seen it all. Nothing fazes us.

Going Mobile?

Good news! As a certified Xamarin cross-platform mobile developer, Stephen develops for all mobile devices, saving time, energy - and money.

We deliver exciting app's using cutting-edge graphics and animation to engage the user. The code is concise, behavioral, and rock-solid.

When a new client shares their vision for a piece of software, we focus mainly on the concept and design. Once that is complete, the coding is nominal. If issues arise with the product, they can be remedied with an improved design. We are not speed coders. That is working with urgency but without respect for design.

We Will Drop By For Some Quick Repairs

Is your app not performing as expected? You can rely on us to find the best way to restore it to health. We won't waste time -- or money.

We Will Create An Amazing App For You From Scratch

Let us take your vision and convert it into something that wows your users. We will leverage the latest ideas in user interface design. We will engineer the app to be impressive, efficient, powerful, and manageable.  And we will do it within the constraints of your budget.

We Will Fill In When You Need A Hand

Short-staffed on an urgent deadline? Call us and we'll lend you the support you need during employee sabbaticals or unexpected staff shortfalls. We don't even need a desk -- everything is done via telecommute.

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In a Tough Spot?

So we see! We also come from a business background, so we know how these situations evolve. Let us clear the way for your success. Oh -- and F-O-R-E!!!

Got a Great Idea?

We love that! We can tell you what it will take to bring your vision into reality. We will also tell you if you're crazy. 

I'm Stephen Marcus

I have been designing programs since the dawn of the computer age. A lot has changed since then, but fundamentals never do.

I have been designing programs since the dawn of the computer age.

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